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Four Keys to Success with Day Trading

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Multi monitor trading pc

What was once an activity exclusive to professional financial firms and speculators, day trading is now a past time enjoyed (or loathed as is often the case) by at home traders. But before you think about quitting your day job, consider this. Only 11.5 percent of day traders ever trade profitably, and industry experts believe that 95 percent of day traders fail within the first two years alone.

If those facts do not dissuade you, however, you must invest in technology that can keep you up to speed and in real time with the stock, futures, or foreign exchange markets. As such, the following are a few items you must purchase if you dare embark on the tenuous world of day trading.

1. Buy a Trading Computer
You can not use your household laptop or desktop computer. Instead, invest in a

If You Owe Money to the IRS, Fight Back!

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Irs tax debt settlement help

Have you ever been over your head in debt? I know I have. The hardest time for me, financially speaking, was when I needed IRS back taxes help and I did not know what to do, or where to turn.

I had a notebook full of questions and a head full of worry, and nowhere to relieve either of them. Questions kept me up at night. Questions like, “how can i stop garnishment of my wages?” and “how can I find help paying back taxes?” I had no clue how to find IRS back taxes help, and I needed it desperately.

Luckily I came across a tax debt relief attorney. He was a friend of a friend, and he led me every step of the way to my IRS back taxes help. He answered every single one of my questions and saw me through to my settlement.

The f

Never Over Tighten Another Screw or Bolt Again

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Torque wrench accuracy

Tightening or loosening bolts and screws to a certain torque is crucial. Tightening bolts too much can compromise the durability of them, while leaving them loose can cause disconnections in what you are trying to attach together. There are tools available, though, such as a torquing wrench and adjustable torque screwdrivers, that will help prevent you from doing an inappropriate amount of tightening. Depending on what your needs are, one tool may be more suitable for the job than another, especially if you are considering whether to use a manual or electronic tool.

Electric screwdriver torque is used mainly for light assembly purposes such as electronic and small parts assembly in high volume manufacturing. They provide faster assembly than manual torque screwdrivers can. They can also be used for dr

Is Your Home at Risk of Being Burglarized? Know the Statistics, Be Prepared

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Alarm monitoring system

Is your home protected by an alarm monitoring service? In the U.S. almost half of all home burglaries occur in the South. The Midwest and Western regions make up almost the entirety of the other half at 21 percent each, and the Northeast region experiences a little over 10 percent of all home burglaries.

While knowing statistics will not keep your home from being burglarized, it can be the beginning of realizing that a monitored alarm system is necessary. No region is immune to the risk of a home burglary, and therefore part of keeping your belongings, home, and family safe should be careful consideration of residential alarm systems.

Homes that are common targets for burglars include homes in the