With Online Payment Systems, Your Business Can Grow Farther Than You Ever Hoped

Written by John. Posted in Merchant account services, Merchant processing, Payment processing services

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Did you know that shoppers nearly spent $1.25 billion on Cyber Monday in 2011, and that’s only about 12% of all online sales in November? The real question, though, was if your business was able to get in the action? Of course, without any online payment systems, it couldn’t have.

With online payment systems, your business will be able to take part in more than online shopping, or generally speaking, consumer purchases. Online payment systems also facilitate e-commerce, which includes a large business-to-business component. In 2011, e-commerce sales shot up from $72 billion in 2002 to a staggering $256 billion in 2011. What this all means is that your business will become accessible to a larger amount of people, whic