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Construction Workers Deaths Have Dropped Over Last 5 Years Due to Fall Arrest Training

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Electric chain hoist

Did you know that OSHA conducts random equipment inspections, as well as safety inspections for jobs at random construction companies every year? This is why it is so important to ensure that all of your construction workers are wearing the proper attire and using their fall protection equipment. Steel toe boots and hard hats are a must for construction worker safety.

Because of how dangerous a construction workers job can be, they make more money than most jobs are willing to pay out. In May 2013 the average construction worker hourly wage was around 26.09.

Almost makes the risk worth it, right?

It turns out the construction companies that have high quality safety equipment and train their employees in safety pro

Nowadays, Internet Marketing is Everything!

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Resell social media

With an increase in online connectivity through tablets and smartphones, means that consumers are more informed than ever before, and that brick and mortar stores face challenges from online retailers in an unprecedented way. This means that marketers are forced to put more focus into their internet marketing methods, rather than their old ways of door to door sales, billboards, and flyers.

This should be no problem for any company, because with the tools and online marketing methods available, it is easy to get a brand known on the internet. Popular internet marketing techniques right now include social media marketing, search engine optimization, and of course the most consistent and long lasting