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Injured at Work? Three Things to Know About Workers Compensation

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Hurt on job

According to statistics from OSHA, incidence of workplace injury in the United States continues to be incredibly high. Minor injuries are often unavoidable, but more serious injuries are unacceptably common. Consider, recent statistics show that an average of 90 workers are killed on the job every week.

Admittedly, workplace deaths are far less common than accidents resulting in permanent injuries. Regardless of the injury type, the fact remains that healthcare costs in the United States are growing at much faster rates than worker salaries. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, healthcare costs are increasing twice as fast as median American salaries. Over the last 10 years,

What Can Prenatal Care Clinics Do For You?

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Affordable prenatal care

Having a baby is an amazing experience for most women, but it can also be highly stressful. When a person feels particularly fatigued, sore, or stressed out, good prenatal care is especially necessary. In Belgium, prenatal care clinics provide pregnant women with massages. Massage is particularly good for pregnant women and newborns. There have been a number of research studies indicating that massage therapy can decrease anxiety and depression in expectant mothers. So too can prenatal massage minimize pain resulting from aching muscles and joints when performed on pregnant women. Regular massage therapy provided in prenatal care clinics has been shown to improve labor outcomes and the overall health of newborns.

Swedish Massage is the gold standard of prenatal massage methods offered by prenatal ca