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Love Adventure? Consider A Hunting Vacation

Hunting lodge

Hunting is, of course, one of the oldest activities known to man. Early man hunted mammoth in groups, either by chasing it off a cliff or using a combination of spears and large rocks. Today, hunting is still quite popular and it can be an exhilarating and adventurous activity, a great way to stay in touch with our ancient roots. Hunting actually has numerous benefits. For example, in parts of Asia, elk antlers and their velvet are used in traditional medicine. Furthermore, although most often turned into fertilizer, turkey litter (droppings mixed with a material such as wood chips) can also be used as a fuel source in electric power plants.

Today, an estimated 12.5 Americans hunt annually. If you are interested in hunting you might consider hunting vacations at hunting ranches. There are several different options for hunting vacations. For example, you might consider big game hunts. You can even choose to hunt for specific animals. For example, you might consider elk guided hunts at elk hunting ranches. Interestingly, adult elk stay in single sex groups during the year, except during the mating season known as the rut. You might also consider guided mule deer hunts, trophy mule deer hunts, etc. For many hunting vacations, you can even hire trained hunting guides, such as black bear hunting guides. Overall, hunting vacations can be a great option.