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Broken Arm? Hip Displeasure? Sinus Infection? Go to Urgent Care

Urgent care littleton co

Urgent Care Englewood CO is one of a few locations that you can use as an emergency room substitute. Why not just go to the emergency room? Well, a place like Urgent Care Littleton CO is open for walk ins, but generally has a shorter wait time than your standard emergency room visit does. On top of that, they also offer more convenient hours than a physician’s office does, so you can walk in after work and not have to take time off.

Just because they are not an official hospital or doctor office does not mean the good people at Urgent Care Highlands Ranch are any less qualified. In fact, they employ a mix of physician assistants, physicians and nurse practitioners, all of whom are educated and licensed health care professionals. And 65 percent of them have 24 hour physician coverage.

Some things that clog up an emergency room that people commonly go for, that they should be seeing their physician or attending an urgent care facility, are x rays, sinus or ear infections, and testing for strep throat. Another bonus is that urgent care facilities are cheaper than an emergency room visit because they are private companies and do not need to hike prices like most hospitals.

Urgent care centers are growing in popularity as about 3 million patients visit one every week. Urgent care facilities like Urgent care englewood CO account for $14 billion dollars in annual revenue in the United States, so they are out there for you, reputable, successful and are becoming more readily located. Check out this site for more.