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Discover Rochester’s Most Exciting Events

According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau statistics, Rochester, NY had a population of approximately 210,532 during 2012. At present, Rochester ranks as the 101st largest city in the United States, and, like many Northern cities of its ilk, is losing many of its residents to cities with more, shall we say, hospitable climates.

Although Rochester’s population has steadily decreased over the last half century, it has continued to bring in many people due to it’s thriving medical and educational industries. The stability within these industries is cited as the main reason that Rochester made it through this last recession with less damage than other cities in the United States. Sure, some folks argue — primarily mentioning Eastman Kodak as an example — that Rochester’s economy didn’t have as far to fall, because it had already been in decline.

That may be partially true, but if the many exciting events Rochester area residents look forward to each year serves as any proof, the Cit Read More