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Tired of Boring Big City Tours? Me Too!

Let’s say you arrive in a city to which you have never been before. Let’s say that city is Houston, TX. What do you do first? How do you know where to go, or what to see? Sure, you probably know about the landmarks, but so does everybody else. Those are tourist traps that will be mobbed with tourists. What you are looking for when you visit Houston is something a little different. You want to know about all of the Houston events and Houston info, not just big attractions that everybody sees. So what do you do in this case? Well, you could just wander around, get lost, find yourself in a sketchy neighborhood, and have a terrible time. Instead, you could go on a Houston tour to get your bearings and find out about the city.

Yes, yes, I know. The last thing you want when you visit a big city is some fanny pack toting tour guide telling you where to go and what to see. This is not how tours should be. Not all tours are like that, and your Houston tour should be much more enjoyable and inf Read More