Decorating with Contemporary Art Prints

Contemporary art new york

Contemporary art prints can enhance the decor of almost any room, lending the sophistication and intrigue of the art galleries in nyc to your home. Gallery owners and managers of Nyc galleries know how best to display their pieces, and the best way to work contemporary art prints into your home decor is to take a leaf out of their books.

If you step into one of the many art museums in NYC, you won’t see any furniture pushed up against the walls. The artwork is given space, commanding the attention of those who come to view it. Keeping furniture in the middle of the room allows contemporary art prints to claim wall space as their own instead of framing the couch. And speaking of furniture, allow it to complement your artwork rather than compete with it. Clean lines and neutral fabrics create comfort without becoming the focus of the room. Consider glass or lucite coffee tables or neutral woods, and leave out the patterned upholstery.

When displaying your contemporary art prints, think grouping. Seven or eight smaller pieces displayed in a clump or a grid creates much higher impact than one lonely piece. Consider framing such a display by placing it above a table or between two bookshelves. In terms of scale, think big. Too small a display can easily be swallowed up by a long or tall wall.

Echo the colors used in contemporary art prints throughout the room, but in subtle ways. Rather than purchasing a fuschia couch to match your print, think about pops of color. A vase, area rug, end table, sculpture, or even flowers can help tie your piece to the rest of the room.

Never forget to consider the lighting when decorating with contemporary art prints. Placing a piece in a dimly lit corner is one way to ensure that it will barely earn a passing glance. Place pieces across from natural light sources or consider track lighting to really highlight a print in a room that gets little natural light.

Rarely will you find galleries with brightly painted walls. In fact, most NYC galleries have white walls, allowing the pieces to stand out and speak for themselves. A competing wall color may diminish the impact of a contemporary art print. However, if you’re not willing to submit to white walls, there are other options. Light colored neutrals like tan and grey will still allow pieces to stand out while still providing some extra color in a room.

Decorating with contemporary art prints doesn’t have to be difficult, if you have an eye for it. Remember to highlight your piece by allowing it to become a focal point, and enjoy coming up with creative ways to let the room point to your artwork. Research more here:

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