Five Reasons Why Direct Mail Printers Can Help You

Real estate postcards

When launching a direct mail campaign via a direct mail printers company, it is important to remember just how effective the simple gesture of sending a piece of mail can be. Everyone likes mail, as long as you can avoid a huge stack of bills. Here is a quick list to keep in mind as you plan your campaign:

1. Postcards are a time-honored tradition. In the 1940s during World War II, soldiers often used elaborated decorated postcards to keep in touch with their loved ones. These twentieth century postcards were often made of embroidered silk mesh. Today, a postcard works both personally and professionally as an effective way of keeping in touch.

2. They mean money. The Direct Marketing Association reported that in 2010, approximately $153.3 billion was spent on direct marketing by both commercial and nonprofit direct mailing companies. That is one of the most important pieces of data to consider because of how widely used this practice is. Direct mail printers can help you initiate your campaign sooner using only the most professional materials available.

3. A great return on investment. In general, direct advertising succeeds because it can measure how many of your potential customers will respond to your call-to-action. Whether you are sending real estate postcards or business postcards, direct mail printers allow you to choose exactly the kind of message you want to send.

4. Direct mail marketing companies dig deeper. Millward Brown, a leading global research agency, found in one of its studies that direct mail, as a physical entity, “left a deeper footprint in the brain” than digital media. This is amazing news for direct mail printers who can make these tangible items come to life through various creative resources.

5. Snail mail? Yeah right. In the digital age, tangible mail may have gotten a bad reputation for being antiquated technology. But studies show that digital mail marketing and, by extension, direct mail printers, are still very relevant to the conversation.

So get involved. Direct mail printers can facilitate your campaigns today. What are you waiting for? More research here.

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