Four Facts About Interesting Repurposed Furniture Blogs

Unique vintage furniture

Even though we are currently in the early-to-mid 2010s, you might not know it from the popular fashions. Sure, plaid is back, and faded t-shirts are everywhere. But looking past just clothing, you will find all types of vintage gear inside homes as well. Vintage repurposed furniture has become the new thing.

Since old is new and new is old, it only makes sense for extraordinary furniture to be thriving. Say you find a wooden chair in your grandparents basement and you want to restore it and repurpose it for your own uses. Not only is it fashionable to do so nowadays; it is simple, too. Like what you are reading? Here are four more facts you might find by reading a repurposed furniture blog.

1. An entire industry

You want to decorate your entire apartment with vintage gear, so you buy vintage furniture to establish a certain type of aesthetic. It goes beyond simple decor, though. Reclaimed materials are regularly collected from buildings, work sites or other places and used in the construction of brand new materials. This is an entire industry of work here, complete with repurposed furniture blogs and additional readings for further reference.

2. Injecting new life

So why would someone want this kind of unique vintage furniture in their homes? Repurposed materials found in architectural salvage can often be celebrated for their individual look as well as their function. With a quick refinish, they become more visually appealing and “good as new.” In fact, you can literally return a piece of furniture to its original conditions with the right tools.

3. Decoration, celebration

In the 1950s, many new types of wood were added to furniture pieces. As you can read on any repurposed furniture blog, this allowed for a huge surge in the repurposing industry just after World War II. Today, owning some pieces of this repurposed furniture is a physical celebration of the past and how it continuously mingles with the present.

4. On the rise

The past decade has been kind to repurposed furniture industry. In fact, sales of unique vintage gear have risen 30 percent in that 10 year span. Certainly, the shift toward vintage has contributed greatly to this, as has the proliferation of the Internet. There are plenty of repurposed furniture blogs out there, so how could the industry not be thriving at this point?

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