he Need for More Participation of HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Apps

Hospital charge capture

Doctor’s offices can get help with healthcare apps for Medicaid, which will automatically fill in the form electronically and then rout it to the right program, thereby streamlining the process for you. People who work in the health care industry are using healthcare apps more and more now. There are all kinds of mobile healthcare apps that anyone in the medical profession can use. You can even download healthcare apps that allow you to do secure instant messaging. You just need to make sure you are using HIPAA compliant text messaging healthcare apps.

Healthcare apps are specialized and designed so that they encrypt the data on your phone. The key advantage of using health care apps is the fact that they ensure patient privacy and HIPAA compliance. The BYOD healthcare apps are extremely beneficial and can save money. However, if you are going to be using your own device you want to make sure your healthcare apps are HIPAA compliant and that you are using a secure messaging service.

BYOD implementation threats include the threat of loss and improper disposal of a BYOD device. ePHI interception is another threat. The mobile device users also has to find availability of other persons using ePHI in a BYOD. Not everyone in the health care industry in America is using HIPAA compliant healthcare apps but they should be. In the Netherlands, 99 percent participation has been achieved. Electronic medical records will be safer and more secure when 100 percent participation is achieved by doctors worldwide using healthcare apps that are HIPAA compliant. Once everyone in the health care industry is using HIPAA compliant health care apps, patient records will be secure and the privacy of patient medical information secured. Doctors and others who are working in the medical field and who provide health care to patient or who even handle medical records can find out more by searching online for information on all of the available health care apps for smart phone usage today. Read more about this topic at this link.

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