How to Change Your Computer Wall Paper

Are you sick of looking at the same boring old computer wall paper that came with your PC or Mac? The good news is that you can change your desktop wall paper whenever you like! It is very easy and can be accomplished in less than five minutes. There are a couple of ways to go about doing this. Here are the steps for each method.

The first way to change your computer wall paper begins with you opening Desktop Background by clicking the Start button. Then, click on Control Panel. When the control panel pops up, you will click on Appearance and Personalization. Click on the Personalization icon. Then, click on Desktop Background. At this point, you can click on whatever picture or color you want to use for your desktop computer wall paper.

If the picture that you want for your computer wall paper is not shown at this point, click the Picture location down arrow, which will allow you to see other categories. Another option at this juncture is to click on Browse. Clicking on Browse will let you search for the picture on your hard drive. Once you have found the picture you want to use for your new computer wall paper, just double click it. That picture will instantly become your new computer wall paper.

Another method of getting new desktop wall papers is to find them online. You can make almost any photo on the web your computer wall paper. Just right click on the photo with your mouse, and click Set As Desktop Background. Voila! The picture you have chosen will immediately become your brand new computer wall paper. More like this.

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