How to Improve the Online Visibility and Search Engine Ranking of Your Website

Did you know that more than 100 billion search engine inquiries are conducted online each month? As a result, businesses must market their websites using SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO grants websites more online visibility, and this leads to improved search rankings and more web traffic. In fact, businesses that utilize SEO have 38% more traffic than businesses that do not, and 66% of this traffic is directly linked to SEO. You must implement several SEO strategies in order to experience these gains, and SEO resellers, such as HubShout SEO reseller, will use these strategies to help your website earn more traffic.

1. Content creation. Used by 75% of all marketers, content creation is one of the most popular SEO techniques. This strategy involves strategically using certain keywords in blogs and articles in order to rank websites higher on search engine results pages. Since more than 40% of users will change the wording of their next search if they do not find what they are looking for on the first page of results, your website must rank as highly as possible in order to prevent this from happening.

2. Mobile web design. Not only should your website work flawlessly on desktop computers, but it must also be compatible with all mobile devices, as well. This is because 65% of mobile users use their devices to find local businesses or make purchases, and 21% of eCommerce sales are a result of mobile web surfing. Fortunately, SEO resellers, such as HubShout SEO reseller, will help you accomplish this in order to attract more users.

3. Social media marketing. You must market your website on social media sites, as well. This is because 90% of adults who are online use social media extensively, and 18% of consumers research products using social media. By marketing on social media sites, the online presence and visibility of your website will improve.

In order to increase the amount of web traffic your website receives, you must implement several SEO strategies. Content creation, mobile web design, and social media marketing, for example, will all help you accomplish this. By seeking help from an SEO firm, such as HubShout SEO reseller, your website will get the traffic it needs to earn you more business. Check out this site for more.

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