Is the Raw Food Diet Safe to Try Out? Three Facts You Should Know

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Did you know that carrots are 87% water? Although it’s difficult to disassociate carrots from their well known color, it was not until the 16th century that orange carrots existed. Dutch carrot growers cross bred yellow and red carrots in honor of the Dutch Royal Family, the House of Orange. Today, carrots are often a big component of raw food diets, which advocate for the consumption of uncooked foods as part of a healthier lifestyle. Is the raw food diet the right choice for you? Read this facts and decide for yourself.

1. Foods Lose Enzymes When Heated

According to the raw food talk diet, you cannot eat anything cooked beyond 115 degrees Fahrenheit. This includes caffeine, alcohol, processed food and sugar. The diet claims that cooked foods can contain toxins, and heating destroys important enzymes. Is this true? To an extent, yes. What food talk radio says is necessary to remember, though, is that many of these enzymes are broken up anyway by the digestive process before you actually get to absorb them.

2. A Healthier Selection

Going on a partial raw food diet, consuming 50% raw for example, can be a good idea for people looking to eliminate empty calorie foods from their diet. Your overall intake of essential nutrients, such as fiber and minerals, is likely to increase. One thing to be careful of, though, is the consumption of essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B12, and iron. According to food talk shows, raw food enthusiasts often have low bone mass, which can lead to osteoporosis. Although vegetables and fruits can often contain the necessary nutrients, consuming them in large enough amounts can be difficult.

3. Can You Play Sports and Eat Raw Food?

Yes, though talking it over with a professional nutritionist is highly recommend, since the metabolic needs of an athlete are different from that of the average individual. According to the Livestrong sports news website, many famous athletes, including Brendan Brazier, triathlete, and James Southwood, kickboxing champion, have gone raw. For athletes, iron and protein intake will be the most important things to look out for. Raw foods high in iron include pumpkin seeds, quinoa, beets and spinach. Protein can be found in all plants, though to get all amino acids a wide variety must be eaten. Legumes, nuts and seeds also have high amounts of protein.

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