Learn about politics from a Latin American perspective

Seminario política

Political communication was definined by Dan Nimmo and David L. Swanson as “a strategic use of communication to influence public knowledge, beliefs and action on political matters.” Today, anyone can learn this craft, no matter what language they speak. Seminarios de campañas políticas, or seminars for political campaigns, are available to people across the Spanish speaking community. With these seminarios de campañas políticas, anyone could make a living through political communication strategies, which are not only used to elect candidates, but also to grow support within the public for new laws.

When taking one of these seminarios de campañas políticas, students can learn about strategies developed by Mauricio jaitt, Mario Elgarresta, Julio Pizzetti and JJ Rendon, all of whom are important political consultants in Latin America. Through these same seminarios de campañas políticas, people can also learn how social media is growing quickly in the political world today. As of November 2012, 12 percent of adults said that they received their political news from Facebook. Eleven months earlier, that number was at 6 percent .

Today, Twitter has a dedicated political ad team. It is the only team they have that is focused on one sole industry. The Pew Research Center has also determined that by 79 to 63 percent respectively, people who use social media tend to be more liberal than conservative. With the right seminarios de campañas políticas and clases de politica (political classes), anyone can be read to take advantage of this rapidly growing window of opportunity in the political world.

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