National ID card is used to for biometric authentication

Secure sign on

With every one working away from their desks more so than at them, certain biometric companies are providing biometric authentication using a national ID card. The implementation of a national ID card makes it easier for employees to access the network when they are out of the office. They can even access the network from a secure mobile, without compromising the safety of the systems within the network.

A national ID card allows access to traditional and cloud based services from a mobile device with the same level of strong authentication as a PC or a laptop. Also, the national ID card saves money, has an easier log in process and stores, as well as processes finger print data. This eliminates the need for a fingerprint scanner. The national ID card can work with any card system.

A national id card further eliminates the need for a database. There is a lowered risk due to a secure sign on. A decreased risk leads to a decrease in resources used because instead of having to pay multiple people to run a giant database, all employees can access the services they need using their ID cards from their cell phone, black berry or IPad.

Employees no longer have to worry about using their mobile devices to access the network when they are not at their desks. The national id card provides a high level of mobile device security, allowing them to have secure access to applications and application data on their mobile devices.

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