Urgent Care Centers are Cheaper and More Convenient than Emergency Rooms

Urgent care seattle wa

Got the cold or flu? Do you have an injury you want taken care of now, and wish a Lynnwood walk in clinic was nearby? STOP! Before you make the wrong choice, do not go to the emergency room. An ER visit can cost $1,500, while a 2010 Rand Corporation study found one in five ER visits could be treated elsewhere. If you are in Northern Seattle area, and you get injured, try an urgent care Kent Center instead. After all, Washington urgent care treatment costs only $150.

An urgent care Kent center is a great way to go to the ER without burdening the system. Most urgent care Seattle centers are meant to treat non threatening injuries or illnesses, and relieve pressure on ERs. Take the cold and flu, for instance. Between one and five of every twenty Americans came down with the flu last year, or put another way, up to 60 million Americans. What if all of those people flooded the emergency room?

Most injuries can also be treated at an urgent care Kent center. The most common type of fracture for those over 75, hip fractures, typically require ER attention. For those under 75, wrist fractures are more common, which can easily be treated at an urgent care Kent center.

While urgent care Burien centers are great, they cannot be used in isolation. Rather, they only treat the immediate problem. To treat any underlying problems, you should consult primary care physician for further treatment. Typically, urgent care Kent centers will forward your relevant case notes to your primary care physician, allowing you to discuss an appropriate treatment strategy.

So the next time you have a minor illness or injury, do not go to the ER. Instead, go to an urgent care Kent center. Most function as a Seattle walk in clinic, and a few are always open. In any case, they are cheaper for you to seek treatment there, and cheaper for the system as a whole. References: doctorsexpresswa.com

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