What Simple Tools Dramatically Reduce Electrical Accidents and Injury?

Plastic screws

Did you know that, according to CBS, an electrical fire burned down 50 businesses on a New Jersey boardwalk just a few months ago? Damaged wires and unfettered electricity can result in fire, serious accidents, injuries, and sometimes even fatalities. Workers, and even people at home, can use simple tools and equipment to keep electrical wiring in check and as safe as possible. What are these tools?

Conduit and Rubber Grommets

Keeping wiring and cables safe depends on proper insulation. Conduit, for example, wraps around wires and protects them from elements (including snow, ice, and rain), small animals’ teeth, and even harmful electromagnetism. Conduit is available in rigid and flexible forms, and metal forms, referred to as electrical metal tubing (EMT), are often used with conduit bushing materials. Conduit bushing, typically made from rubber and other soft materials, protects wires from sharp metal tubing edges and allows workers to easily pull and adjust cables.

Similarly, grommets may be circular or oblong, and help protect and insulate wires by redirecting them from sharp pieces of metal, corners, and edges. Thick rubber grommets withstand high pressures and temperatures, making them ideal for automotive and manufacturing applications. Manufacturers also use hard plastic inserts to produce desk grommets or grommets used to protect wiring used on or nearby furniture.

Cable Ties

Cable ties, on the other hand, protect electrical wiring and circuits by fastening wires securely into place. Cable ties, also referred to as hose ties or zip ties, may be made from plastics, including nylon, and stainless steel. Stainless steel zip ties are flame resistant. Nylon zip ties, on the other hand, are available in a number of different colors, widths, and sizes. Law enforcement and military sometimes use strong, reinforced nylon cable ties as makeshift handcuffs.

Preventing electrical fires and accidents can be simple. Easy to use and easy to install equipment and tools, such as grommets and zip ties, keep wires safe, whether used at home or in a professional setting. For more information, read this website: www.alliance-express.com

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