Why You Should Look at Apartments in Newport News Virginia

Apartments in newport news

If you are looking to move to a new city in Virginia, Newport News makes for an excellent choice. Apartments in newport news virginia are plentiful and cover the entire price spectrum, so you can find Newport News apartments that work for your budget. But the great selection of apartments in newport news virginia are only one of the many great things about this strangely named city. Here are some of the things you can expect to find when you are looking for apartments in Newport News.

You would probably like to know about the name before you start looking for apartments in Newport News VA. Nobody is really sure where the name Newport News came from, but it dates all the way back to 1619, where it could be found in the Virginia Company records as Newportes Newes. Many speculate that the city is named for Christopher Newport, captain of the flagship of the English fleet that founded Jamestown. He was often found travelling between Jamestown and the Newport area, and often came with “good news” of men and supplies.

Now that we’ve had a brief etymology lesson, it’s worth noting some of the things that may be more important to a person interested in moving to the area. If you are any sort of history buff, the Newport News area offers a very rich history. Given its settlement in 1621, it may be no surprise that the city played a major part in several wars, but most especially the American Civil War. Newport News had a major role in the Peninsula Campaign during the Civil war, and, as such, is home to many earthen fortifications. Additionally, the famous “battle of the ironclads” between the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia took place right off the shore of Newport News. The city was a port of embarkation during World War I as well, so there are plenty of ships and shipyards that can be seen around the city.

In addition to the rich history, Newport News has a great location in Virginia. It is centrally located only minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and historic Williamsburg Virginia. And if you are moving from a location North of Virginia you will be happy to know that the average temperatures are much warmer in Newport News. Temperatures in the summer average in the mid 80s, providing great weather for enjoying the nearby beaches. But, don’t worry, the city still experiences all four seasons, with beautiful fall foliage, and only a couple of inches of snow in the winter.

If you are looking for a city with a rich history and great climate, then start looking for apartments in newport news as soon as possible. Finding apartments in Newport News will put you at the center of an area that can provide some of the best experiences of any historic American city.

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