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Make sure your sensitive and private information is secure with MDM!

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Device management software

Surprisingly, the majority of BYOD businesses (that is, 71 percent!), have no security requirements or protocol procedures. MDM and device management software can help keep your employees and company secure by enabling the erasure of sensitive data from a phone immediately and remotely in case a phone is stolen or lost. Mobile management is more important than ever, especially considering the nearly 700,000 new Android OS’s users each day. One of the best ways to protect the important and private data stored on mobile devices is through the use of MDM software and mobile device management. Mobile searches in the United States increased four fold in the past year, and mobile service management systems are more crucial than ever! Implement mobile management and watch employee productivity increase by up to 20 percent! The trick is to create a flexible, but safe workplace using MDM. There are many advantages to implementing a MDM in your business or company, but the most important is the safety and security of the sensitive data stored on your mobile devices. Protect your information today with Mdm or mobile device management software!

Start Seeing Custom LCD Displays

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Static lcd

How many times a day do you look at custom LCDs? Chances are, the answer is much more than you think. While we might initially think of computer monitors and mobile touchscreens as the only way we interact with our gadgets, numerous examples of LCD custom display technology, such as monochrome graphics, static segmented displays, and thin film transistors are not hard to find.

Uses for custom lcd panels can range from watch faces and radios, to car dashboards and ebook readers. Whenever an item is classified as “digital” the chances are extremely good that it contains an Lcd display custom engineered for that device. Examples include digital thermometers, digital calipers, and a huge range of digital cameras. Likewise, many handheld standalone games utilize a custom lcd display to animate the action. And how many gadgets in your kitchen also have a digital clock?

The application of LCD technology is nearly limitless. Toggles, device statuses, settings statuses, alpha numerical data, and instructions can all be displayed using custom LCDs, and usually for a fraction of the cost of an “arbitrary display” monitor.

Custom LCDs provide businesses with eye catching interactive displays that set them apart from the competition. LCD displays can also have a positive impact on the environment. Some companies have switched from traditional paper price tag displays to custom LCDs, resulting in a flexible, reusable pricing display option that does not waste valuable natural resources.

And digital displays are no longer limited to black and white. By combining screenprinting technology with custom LCDs, displays can now be made using all the colors of the rainbow, providing businesses with a vibrant and unique means of displaying important information.

Every second our eyes take in vast amounts of information, and the clearer that information is, the easier it is to process. Custom LCDs provide a clean, colorful, and infinitely customizable interface to help us navigate our daily world. And they just keep getting better.

Pearl Harbor beckons across decades of history

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Pearl harbor tour

“December seventh, nineteen forty one, a day which will live in infamy.”

Those words, spoken by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to a stunned nation described the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, and propelled the United States into the greatest conflict this planet has ever known.

The ships lost at Pearl Harbor still lie where they sank today, in the deep embayment named “Wai Nomi” (meaning “Pearl Water”) that became the USA’s most important Pacific naval base. Each year, thousands of visitors come for a Pearl Harbor tour, to remember the dead and the attack which claimed their lives.

Of the Pearl harbor tours offered, USS Arizona tours are the most popular, the iconic battleship and its circa 1958 memorial being the resting place for over a thousand crewmen who died in the raid. Uss missouri tours take people, not over a sunken vessel but into the still floating battleship on which the Japanese surrender was signed. These are fitting bookends to the greatest naval war in the nation’s history.

Pearl Harbor tours are primarily about the nation’s military past, but there is more to see in the area. The Dole plantation tour is popular with pineapple aficionados, and general Hawaii tours oahu take visitors to the many beautiful sights on the principal Hawaiian island. Oahu tours tend to end in beachside fun and luaus.

Few trips are as moving as a Pearl Harbor tour. Over seventy years later, Roosevelts words ring true at this place of true American heroism.

Hummus, the ancient food that fits perfectly on the American table

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Recipes with hummus

There are reasons the Mediterranean diet is drawing so much attention these days. The heart healthy fats, high fiber content and nutritional balance make it attractive from a health standpoint, while the bold, fresh flavors and variety make it delicious. While each eastern Mediterranean nation has its own unique dishes, hummus is the essential food that unites them all. So what is Hummus?

Hummus spread, that tangy, earthy, heart healthy staple, is the beginning of a Mediterranean meal. Made of chick peas, sesame, lemon and garlic, hummus is traditionally spread on pita bread as a shared appetizer. In these increasingly health conscious times, the delicious spread is finding a new place in the American kitchen as people realize how versatile hummus spread is. Spicy hummus dip serves as a delicious replacement to fatty onion or blue cheese dips, and it goes great with fresh cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes. Why choose the negative nutrition of a processed dip when you can get hummus nutrition?

You can make a healthy hummus spread easily in your own kitchen; You can find an easy hummus recipe online, and it’s simple to jazz up regular hummus to create your own flavors. For example you can create a roasted garlic hummus dip or roasted red pepper hummus spread just by adding those ingredients. With a little imagination, you can create dips, spreads and appetizers that will become the hit of any dinner, picnic or party.