Hummus, the ancient food that fits perfectly on the American table

Recipes with hummus

There are reasons the Mediterranean diet is drawing so much attention these days. The heart healthy fats, high fiber content and nutritional balance make it attractive from a health standpoint, while the bold, fresh flavors and variety make it delicious. While each eastern Mediterranean nation has its own unique dishes, hummus is the essential food that unites them all. So what is Hummus?

Hummus spread, that tangy, earthy, heart healthy staple, is the beginning of a Mediterranean meal. Made of chick peas, sesame, lemon and garlic, hummus is traditionally spread on pita bread as a shared appetizer. In these increasingly health conscious times, the delicious spread is finding a new place in the American kitchen as people realize how versatile hummus spread is. Spicy hummus dip serves as a delicious replacement to fatty onion or blue cheese dips, and it goes great with fresh cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes. Why choose the negative nutrition of a processed dip when you can get hummus nutrition?

You can make a healthy hummus spread easily in your own kitchen; You can find an easy hummus recipe online, and it’s simple to jazz up regular hummus to create your own flavors. For example you can create a roasted garlic hummus dip or roasted red pepper hummus spread just by adding those ingredients. With a little imagination, you can create dips, spreads and appetizers that will become the hit of any dinner, picnic or party.

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