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Why you Might Consider Eating Flowers and Underdeveloped Vegetables

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Crystallized flowers

Generally, when most of us think about eating our vegetables, we think about eating things like lettuce, spinach, broccoli, maybe some baby corn or baby carrots if we’re feeling especially adventurous. But a new wave of chefs are starting to incorporate edible flowers and micro greens into their dishes. These different types of specialty produce may initially sound a bit strange, but edible flowers and microgreens can be used for additional flavor and visual appeal in many different dishes. Here is some information regarding edible flowers and micro greens that will hope

When You Need a Hand, or a Tow, With Your Car

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Tow truck

The millions of Americans who drive motor vehicles like to travel without incident. However, if there is an issue, there are service garages and tow trucks available to help. Flatbed tow trucks can move cars, SUVs, pick up trucks and other motor vehicles to a shop where they can be examined by mechanics and repaired. In cases where the damage is too severe, the vehicles are totaled and flatbed tow trucks can take them to a junk yard or a metal scrapping facility.

Usually, towing services are provided by emergency road services. The first tow truck was invented by a man who worked in a garage after he needed the help of five other men and some ropes and blocks to get a car out of a creek. Today, there are five major types of trucks and equipment used in the tow truck business. The five types are: flatbed, i