When You Need a Hand, or a Tow, With Your Car

Tow truck

The millions of Americans who drive motor vehicles like to travel without incident. However, if there is an issue, there are service garages and tow trucks available to help. Flatbed tow trucks can move cars, SUVs, pick up trucks and other motor vehicles to a shop where they can be examined by mechanics and repaired. In cases where the damage is too severe, the vehicles are totaled and flatbed tow trucks can take them to a junk yard or a metal scrapping facility.

Usually, towing services are provided by emergency road services. The first tow truck was invented by a man who worked in a garage after he needed the help of five other men and some ropes and blocks to get a car out of a creek. Today, there are five major types of trucks and equipment used in the tow truck business. The five types are: flatbed, integrated, boom, wheel life and hook and chain.

In 1979, the Towing and Recovery Association of America was formed in Kansas City, MO. Today, we have automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems which can be used by dispatchers to help them locate the closest available tow truck san jose has available. AVL systems are also being used in many other cities around the United States. References.

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  1. I have some mixed feelings about tow trucks. I like them, and am extremely happy that we have them, but I also hope that I never have to call one or see one up close.

  2. Once I saw a tow truck being towed by another tow truck. It was cool, and kind of scary. I know it sounds ridiculous now, but it never occurred to me that a tow truck could break down.

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