6 Foods That Are Bad for Your Teeth – Metro Dental Care

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Acids and sugars can cause enamel to soften with time. The risk of getting more cavities, or others issues as a result of your enamel’s failure to regenerate.

Limes and lemons are especially harmful, and should consume in moderation. Because lime is such an important ingredient in many Hispanic foods It is recommended to brush your teeth immediately after eating any food that has lime drizzle in order to stop the erosion from becoming excessively significant. This is crucial if you eat this kind of food often, like the majority of people.

Yet, vitamin C is essential to have healthy hair and skin. Vitamin C aids in maintaining collagen. If you aren’t getting enough of the vitamin could suffer from bleeding gums that could cause instability in teeth. The occasional consumption of a couple of oranges, or enjoying some lime on tacos is fine a couple of every week, provided that you clean your teeth at least once a week to prevent acid build-up.

2. Soft drinks

Even though soft drinks aren’t likely to be shocking when you think about food items that can harm enamel, they do warrant mention due to the extent of the extent to which they are harmful. As citrus fruits contain acidic substances that could harm your enamel, so too the soft drink sugars can interact with the natural bacteria present in your mouth to make acid. Acid attacks enamel in a way similar to the acid in citrus, and when combined with the acidity already in many soft drinks it can be a potent tooth-destroying agent. While this acid can attack the teeth for about 20 minutes following drinking the soda for the entire day, you are not giving an opportunity for the attack to cease. The acidic mixture continues to sit on your tooth enamel, which increases the risk of tooth erosion. pnu821etd1.

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