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Screened-in porches are one of the most sought-after upgrades to your home in the past many years. The popularity of the screen-in porch has increased dramatically and value, porches with screens can be a more space your home with minimal construction cost. These porches can be used as meeting rooms, reading areasor for a second family room. Though it isn’t easy to construct a porch that has a screen but if the porch you have already in place, you will find the task quite simple. The video from Home Depot details how to create a screen for your porch and convert your outside space into indoor hosting space in a few simple processes.

There are a variety of options to decorate or design your brand new porch. Screen porches can be equipped with the items you’ll need such as full sofas, planters as well as exercise equipment, entertainment and centers. Additionally, some book shelves or customized shades are amazing decorative elements. Screen porch shades are available in various shades and sizes. Before installing the screens, you must check the amount of light needed by your plants.


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