An Introduction to Physical Therapy Services – Free Health Videos

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Additionally, it can be utilized to help those suffering from impairments. Physical therapy is a great way to improve mobility and decrease the soreness. It also makes daily chores easier. This video explains the basics of physical therapy.

Therapy for physical injuries is part of conservative care. Physical therapy does not involve any medicine. This can be performed alongside medicine but it is not a DPT doesn’t prescribe medicines. In order to help you recover from an injury or disability, they might also recommend other methods.

One of the tools that are at a DPT’s disposal are exercise therapy, massage, ultrasound stretching, and many more. The goal is to improve strength and range of motion along with general health. DPTs are designed to reduce the pain, increase function, and enhance the quality of life.

Before you can restore your function, pain must be reduced. This will mean that the quality of your life will increase. The primary focus for restoring functioning is in everyday activities. The physical therapist may also examine the cause of injury to come out in the first place for the purpose of ensuring that form will be corrected at a later time and to prevent repetition of injury.

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