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Three Things You Should Know about Schools for Autistic Children

Schools for children with learning disabilities

Did you know that the number of people being diagnosed with autism has dramatically increased since the 1980s? This is probably due to more patients being correctly diagnosed, greater awareness about the problem, and potentially due to genetic and environmental variables we do not yet fully understand. In the past, children with autism were often misdiagnosed and, for this reason, did not receive the care and assistance that they needed. Here are three things you should know about finding the right schools for children with learning disabilities.

1. Autism is a Spectrum Disorder

Autism appears in multiple forms, ranging from high functioning individuals who can achieve social integration to individuals who will need assistance and supervision throughout the Read More

The Top Schools for Children with Learning Disabilities

Special education schools in nj

Although autism has attracted a lot of attention over the last couple of decades, few people realize that 1 of 50 American school children are diagnosed with some form of spectrum disorder. Of course, this does not account for those children who go through life undiagnosed, and thus, will never get the chance to attend schools for children with learning disabilities.

The reality of autism, or spectrum disorder, is that the severity to which it affects children can vary so greatly that some children with mild Aspergers never get diagnosed. Fortunately, professionals are getting better at testing for spectrum disorders, and identifying those children whose learning abilities fall on various parts of the spectrum. This means that they can be placed in the best schools for children with learning Read More