Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation Information

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Are you considering putting down new hardwood flooring? It is a lovely complement to just about any room, providing a warm and inviting appearance. You may be interested to know about the different types of hardwood flooring and other wood flooring information, or even how to go about doing an engineered hardwood flooring installation.

Originally, wood flooring came in two different varieties. There was the plank variation that consisted of boards 8 inches or wider, and then the strip variant that had board 2 to 4 inches wide. Plank floors were more commonly found in rural areas, while the strip variety was seen in higher end homes, and are currently considered the standard. These strip type planks are now used during engineered hardwood floor installation processes.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, the average yearly net growth for hardwoods is greater than the average yearly removals. This means that more trees grow than are harvested for engineered hardwood flooring installation. Hardwood floor information also includes that there are also “green” or environmentally friendly flooring options that can be used in engineered hardwood flooring installation, including reclaimed wood flooring, wool, and bamboo. EcoTimber is one of the companies that uses environmentally conscious flooring and building materials for hardwood floor installations.

If you are considering an engineered hardwood flooring installation, you might be interested in the materials and process. Timber wood floors used in engineered hardwood flooring installation use sawed wood. These floors do not use veneer, composites, or plastic in their construction. Wood used during an engineered hardwood flooring installation comprises two or more layers formed into a plank. The top layer is called the lamella and is the visible wood seen after engineered hardwood flooring installation. Increased stability of this engineered hardwood flooring installation is found by running each layer at a 90 degree angle to the one above it. Engineered hardwood flooring installation is the most used type of wood flooring used.

You may also want to accent your wood flooring with linoleum, which is great for high traffic areas such as kitchens. Oh, and on a final note of interest, the name linoleum derives from the Latin names of its primary ingredients flax “linum” and oil “oleum”.
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