Make Big Lifestyle Changes by Starting Small

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Did you know that, according to the American Psychological Association and the American Stress Institute, 73% of Americans blame high stress levels on money? Virtual Economics adds, in fact, that American families struggle with an average of $118,000 worth of debt. A monthly family budget can get you back on track, improve marital and family relationships, and keep families stress-free. What are some of the best money saving tips?

Strike Up a Budget, and Stick to It

Anticipate earnings and expenses using a simple tool, the average family budget. Calculate a monthly estimate of all earnings, including wages, tips, commission, savings, and more. From there, start accounting for expenses. Start with the big picture, calculating in monthly mortgage payments or rent, insurance payments, car payments, and credit card bills. Next, factor in food and other, less expensive necessities. Estimate luxuries and extra spending last. The final logical step is to compare all expenses to overall earnings, and decide where to go from there. Of course, this is a huge simplification of the process. Online tools, like family budget calculators, family budget examples, family budget templates, and more, can help keep budgets organized and easy-to-follow.

Make Small Adjustments

One of the easiest ways to save money is to start small. Making small adjustments, or setting goals to save trace amounts of money, adds up, while easing you into budgeting and cutting costs. Money Magazine reveals, “If you drop into your local cafe on the way to work each morning, be aware you’re spending $728.20 a year on your morning ritual.” Buying lunch on week days, and week days only, will cost you more than three times that amount, or an average of $2,200. Take small steps to save money, like bringing your lunch to work, or brewing a cup of coffee before you leave in the morning. Another tip? Plan weekly meals, write a grocery list, and stick to it to avoid impulse buying at the grocery store.

Money causes a lot of problems. Money puts a wrench in relationships, destroys marriages, and can lead to undue amounts of stress, or even depression. Seize control of your life, and dramatically reduce stress, by sticking to a monthly family budget, and start saving by making small and easy adjustments.

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