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Make Big Lifestyle Changes by Starting Small

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Did you know that, according to the American Psychological Association and the American Stress Institute, 73% of Americans blame high stress levels on money? Virtual Economics adds, in fact, that American families struggle with an average of $118,000 worth of debt. A monthly family budget can get you back on track, improve marital and family relationships, and keep families stress-free. What are some of the best money saving tips?

Strike Up a Budget, and Stick to It

Anticipate earnings and expenses using a simple tool, the average family budget. Calculate a monthly estimate of all earnings, including wages, tips, commission, savings, and more. From there, start accounting for expenses. Start with the big picture, calculating in monthly mortgage payments or rent, insurance payments, c Read More

Does Your Family Use a Budget? It Should

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Household money saving tips

Family budget plans are important for many reasons. If there is debt, a child going off to college, a big vacation to save up for, or simply stress over how money gets allocated, then a budget offers solutions to those problems. Surprisingly, many families do not have any budget whatsoever.

Approximately $10,000 a year from a family budget is spent on items which are flexible in how much can be applied to them. For example, transportation, gasoline, food, and mortgage interest. With a better understanding of where your money is going, and how to allocate it reasonably, a family budget plan can help you to erase debt, save for big life events, and reduce stress between family members.

Here is a family budget example from Quicken, with family budget percentages as a guideline.

Make a Family Budget Before You Descent Into Debt

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When one spouse looks over at the other and says “we shout consider making a family budget,” it is understandable as to why the other might feel the sudden urge to roll their eyes. While making a family budget is probably easier than it sounds, most people think that it calls for the sacrifice of everything that they enjoy. Thankfully, there are a few easy money saving tips that everyone can work with, no matter what their current income may be.

Stop Disagreeing About Money

According to an article published on on September 4, ending disagreements about family budget planning quickly is a terrific way to avoid future spending problems in the future. Deciding ahead of time if there are certain instances as to where quality is not as important as quantity could help couples and Read More

Financial Security for Unstable Times

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When it comes to financial security later in life, it has always been wise to plan ahead. In light of the uncertain fate of social security benefits in the United States, financial planning is particularly vital today if one wants to assure himself or herself of achieving financial stability after retirement. Even then, of course, nothing is certain. But the top financial advisers can give you the best, most reliable advice, which will provide you with the best chance at a stable, secure retirement.

A financial adviser will do exactly what his or her title suggests, and that is help to advise clients about their financial futures. Depending upon the companies for which they work, and the licenses that they hold, financial advisors will help their clients assemble the most appropriate financial portfolios to meet their needs. While financial advisors are sales people, and will try to sell you as many products and services as they can, this does not mean that they cannot be trusted. Af Read More