Financial Planning for Your Future

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Due to the unfortunate economic circumstances of dwindling 401ks, pensions, retirement accounts, and savings accounts, good financial planning is important now more than ever. The abundance of financial products and services can be overwhelming to a layman unfamiliar with financial terms. To alleviate some of the information overload, many people seek the guidance of an experienced financial advisor and or financial planning company.

There are both online and traditional brick and mortar financial planning companies in the United States. Often an unbiased, third party advisor who has no stake in how you invest your money, can be a priceless source of information. These financial planning companies offer many services including helping you decide how to fund your retirement, home purchase decisions, asset allocation, stock or mutual fund transactions, or education funding.

In an IRA or individual retirement account, for example, an experienced advisor will provide thoughtful guidance on how your asset allocations can best meet your retirement needs. They will help you base your decisions on the year you plan on retiring, how much you plan on investing annually, and how aggressive of an investor you are (meaning if you want high risk with potentially high yield investments, or if you prefer lower risk and more of a guaranteed return on investment). Of course there are no guarantees when investing your money in the market. The safest investments are typically associated with certificates of deposit and FDIC (federal deposit insurance corporation) insured savings accounts.

Life goals are important, and selecting a financial planning company that aligns with your financial goals is imperative. Because financial planning can be complex, a lot of skill, research, and time goes into being a financial planner. Using a certified financial planner will be the liaison to your insurance agent, stockbroker, or accountant to ensure you are taking the right steps to meet your financial goals.

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