Learn How Businesses Are Getting More Organized

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If you are a business, then chances are that productivity is important for you. One of the biggest causes of loss in productivity is lack of organization. Just consider that knowledge workers spend 15% to 30% of their time at work searching for information. If companies can help their employees save time searching for information then those same employees will have more time to do actual work.

The problem is that most businesses are not organized. According to Price Waterhouse Cooper, the average business will make 19 copies of every document, spend $20 in labor just to file each document, only to spend another $120 in labor searching for each misfiled document. The average business will lose one of every 20 of their documents and will spend 25 hours recreating each lost document. The result is that average American business worker will lose 1.5 hours per day, that is 40 hours a year, just searching for lost and misplaced items. Organization can save companies time, money and manpower.

Fortunately, businesses are beginning to learn how to use technology to help them get more organized. Using computers and digital files, as opposed to traditional paper files, can save companies money and time. Also because computer files can be searched electronically, they are often easier to find and retrieve than paper files. Cloud computing is a major way that companies are using to store their documents. Cloud computing works by using the excess resources of a network of computers to store and process information. Using cloud computing, companies do not have to invest in building their own document storage infrastructure, digital or otherwise.

Another advantage of using cloud computer is that documents can be uploaded and accessed from anywhere. By pairing wireless scanning tools with cloud computing, businesses are saving resources that would be used to sort and file hard copies of documents. Examples of wireless scanning tools include business card readers and portable scanners. Scanners can either take an electronic snapshot of the document or capture and arrange the information contained on the document. Because of the advantages that cloud computing and wireless scanning tools offer small business, it is estimated that $100 billion will be spent on these organizational systems by 2014.

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