Miami Weddings Have Evolved Over the Years

Miami weddings

The term tie the knot comes from an old tradition where a Babylonian couple would have the threads from their clothing intertwined to symbolize their union. Throwing rice came from old customs too, though most people in other countries chose wheat (the French), bread and salt (Italians), cake (English) and nuts and dates (Greeks). Today, Miami weddings are different.

First, most Miami weddings are more modern ceremonies held in banquet halls in Coral Gables or Miami banquet halls. Second, many Miami wedding venues are party hall rentals, where couples and their families and friends gather to celebrate and eat. Third, many wedding venues in Miami are great places to host baby showers too. Yes, baby showers are gaining in popularity as tremendous affairs, where halls are rented and themes are pulled together. Some popular trends include diaper cakes for the mom to be, onesie decorations, gender revealing cupcakes and children’s book gifts.

But getting back to the whole idea of Miami weddings, they have changed and evolved over the years. Take two recent surveys to demonstrate this. One survey revealed that in 2011 alone, 18,000 couples in the United States who were surveyed listed their wedding receptions as costing them a little less than $200 per guest. That is an incredible amount that people years ago would not have spent. A 2010 report by Pew Research also showed the decline of marriage today, with only slightly over half of U.S. adults married, compared with 72 percent back in 1960.

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