Portable Scanners Make Your Life At Work Easier

Document scanner

With the increased price in paper and the fact that the average filing cabinet has over 10,000 pieces of paper in it, doing what you can to reduce this is not only cost effective but better for the environment. One of the best ways to reduce paper is with the use of portable scanners. When your company gets a portable scanner for every desk, files and business cards can be scanned in immediately. There will no longer be a need to keep hundreds of files around for no reason at all.

If your company is thinking of implementing a digital filing system, you should know that this type of system and any cloud based system is the best one to have because it is safe from any natural disasters that can occur. Before you implement your new system you will first need portable scanners to scan in all current files as well as new paperwork that comes in. Finding the best scanners will help to make the job much easier to handle.

There are several problems that can occur with traditional paper filings, and the typical company wastes almost $12 million a year on searching for data that may be misplaced or is non existent. With a cloud based system involving portable scanners, this will no longer be a problem as the files are completely searchable once scanned in. In addition to the portable options, there are even smaller laptop scanners that exist. Finding the right scanner will make all the difference in how easy the transition is to make.

The firm Gartner anticipates within the next few years, over 50 percent of server workloads will become cloud based. When your company is looking to make your data cloud based, you can find portable scanners that will make the job easier to do. When using scanners that are portable as well as laptop scanners, your employees will be able to scan data in from anywhere that they may be, putting an end to lost business cards or receipts.

No matter what you want to use a business card scanner for, you will be reducing your paper load by over 10,000 sheets per employee a year according to reduce.org. Finding the best portable scanners for your office to purchase is helpful and environmentally responsible. When you find the right scanner, transitioning to a cloud based filing system will be much easier to handle.

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