Network Security Platforms

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A network security platform is increasingly important to any company that does their business on computer networks or cloud applications. The US government spent $13 billion to protect information technology in 2011, and while the cost of security breaches and lost or stolen records have declined, data theft or security breaches can damage the reputation of your organization. More than three quarters of the companies surveyed state that they suffered from a blemished reputation after such a breach. As the threats to computer networks become more sophisticated, Next Generation Network Security matches and exceeds the sophistication of these threats with a variety of additions to your network security platform.

There are three very important components to a network security platform, enterprise firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and intrusion prevention systems (IPS). Next Gen Network Security offers a number of options that help your business to stay ahead of the curve and protect your clients’ and business information from breaches. There are six different types of firewalls, including SOHO software and hardware firewalls, enterprise software and hardware firewalls, embedded firewalls, and specialty firewalls.

For many businesses without the resources for an IT department, the intricacies of building a network security platform may seem overwhelming. The use of Next generation network Security, which is a broad industry term for current and future developments in relecommunication and access networks and defense against security breaches, offers a number of innovative techniques for your businesses’ network security platform. Especially if your business handles personal and sensitive information, such as bank account information, social security information, or health information, it is imperative to maintain an impenetrable defense system. Your investment in such a network security platform will be worthwhile when you contract with a company that uses next generation network security techniques. Visit here for more information.

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