Recetas de Deliciosos Alimentos


For people who are looking for authentic Hispanic food, it is not always easy to find. And when one does fine such a restaurant, they may encounter another problem. While the pictures may look tantilizing, the listing of food is so incomprehensible that it might as well be Ancient Sumerian etchings. In the case that there are no images included in the menu, then one is really in trouble. Your heart starts to pound as the sweat beads beneath your toupee, as you glance at a list that includes arroz con pollo, ceviche, empanada, flan postres, tamales, and recetas en comida. Recetas de comida, you sigh. You desperately search for taco, burrito, or nachos, but you see nothing. Wait. Enchiladas. You are elated that you have found a word that you recognize. However, your heart sinkes in disappointment as you cannot understand a single word beneath the descriptions of about 37 different choices of enchilada.

Recognizing your desperation, a friendly patron whispers that you cannot go wrong with recetas de comida. What is that? You ask. But she does not hear. When your waitress comes to take your order, you figure to have faith in your fellow patron and confidently request recetas de comida. Your waitress gives a chuckly as if you are kidding. Recetas de comida? She asks. Oui, Madame, recetas de comida. You counter. Five minutes later she returns with the juiciest chicken breast you have ever seen. As you smile in relief, you exclaim ah, recitas de comida. Your waitress smiles a comforting hospitable, matriarchal grin. After a few moments she replies, no, it is not food recipes, its only chicken. References:

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