Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Dip and Other Flavors

Hummus dip recipe

Hummus is a healthy alternative to other snacks and dips. Hummus is a Mediterranean dip made from chickpeas and other ingredients that has become very popular in the US over the past few years. In the 21 months leading up to 2010, hummus consumption grew by around 35%, amounting to almost $300 million in sales. If you have not had hummus before, it could be worth trying it and seeing why it has become so popular.

Hummus has been around since at least the 13th century, when a recipe for it was created in Egypt. Right now, it is more common in the food of countries like Lebanon. A lobby organization for some of Lebanon’s bigger producers actually petitioned the European Commission to give hummus protected status as a uniquely Lebanese food. Hummus first started to become popular in the US during the 1960s and 1970s, but it could generally only be found in “health food” stores. It took another few decades for hummus to start being a mainstream food in the US.

Hummus dip recipes come in a variety of forms. Hummus is a simple and adaptable dip, so it can be made with a variety of other flavors and spices. Many commercial hummus brands make several different flavors, like a roasted red pepper hummus dip. In addition to a roasted red pepper hummus dip, you can take a basic hummus and spice it in whatever way suits your tastes the best. Roasted red pepper hummus dips, plain hummus, and other hummus flavors generally all have about one percent of your daily value of calcium, riboflavin, potassium, and vitamin B6. If you want to make your own roasted red pepper hummus dip or another more flavorful hummus recipe, there are many recipes using hummus available on the internet for you to choose from. More information like this.

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