Four Things No One Tells You About Getting Breast Implants

Price of breast implants

Over 300,000 women underwent breast augmentation surgery in 2011 alone. Since the technology was patented and rolled out in the mid-20th century, implants have become a popular option for women looking to boost their self-image or the chance at landing a romantic partner. In fact, recent poll data showed that 34% of women who’ve undergone breast implant surgery claimed an increase in overall satisfaction with their sex lives.

Of course, deciding on a breast augmentation procedure is still a major life decision and it can’t be taken lightly. It behooves you to talk with your primary care physician about it, who can then potentially refer you to a plastic surgeon to handle the exact operation. As you prep for you big change, consider these four important facts you probably haven’t heard about getting a boob job.

You might want to look into financing.

Since breast augmentation enlargement is typically considered an elective procedure, you can bet it likely won’t be covered by your insurance provider. That means you’ll be paying out pocket for a surgery that could run as much as $7,000 or higher. If you’ve got that kind of cash to drop all at once, go for it. Otherwise, looking into long-term financing might be your best course of action, especially through any payment plans your breast augmentation doctors might offer through their practice.

Breast implants are not lifetime devices.

One of the biggest misconceptions about a boob job is that it’s simply a one-time operation with a lifetime guarantee. As your body grows and changes shape as you age, so, too, do your implants, which is why you should book follow-up visits with your doctor on a regular basis. Generally, a breast implant might require a revision every 10 years or so, and often, these complications can arise unexpectedly. This is where having a reliable financing plan with come into play.

There are three possibilities for where to position the implant.

Though you might think all breast implants are created equal, there are actually three different breast augmentation incision site options: sub-glandular, sub-pectoral and sub-muscular breast implant placement. Sub-glandular refers to placing the implant directly behind the mammary gland, while sub-pectoral places it under the pectoralis major muscle. Sub-muscular breast implant placement, however, is best for mammograms because the implant stays firmly behind the chest muscle wall — the area which needs to be examined during the checkup.

Implants can be made from either saline or silicone.

Yes, you have more choices for breast augmentation than you probably expected. Saline implants slide into the breast, then are filled with a water-based solution once inside. These require a smaller surgical incision than silicone implants, which are made from polymers designed to feel more like a natural breast than saline. Both cost about the same, though the difference is mostly in aesthetics. Talk to your doctor about which option you feel more comfortable with.

Whether you’ve opted for sub-glandular or sub-muscular breast implant placement, saline or silicone, it helps to get all the facts before you actually go under the knife. Ask questions. Get recommendations. You have to look good to feel good — and vice versa. For more information see this.

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