Small Bathroom Renovation Project – Remodeling Magazine

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Y video can help you begin your bathroom remodeling process. Before beginning your bathroom remodelingprocess, you’ll need take out all the fixtures in your bathroom. This includes the vanity, mirror and toilet. After you have carefully removed all flooring and fixtures it’s time to begin removing the drywall in your shower space. You must ensure that you’re wearing eye protection in the event of any fiberglass particles.

When choosing the pieces for your new space the best thing to do is to be bright. You can begin by adding beautiful white tiles, or an updated wall system and tub, contemporary toilet and vanity with an updated design faucet and mirror.

To make sure that your renovation can be completed without a hitch, it’s important to hire a licensed plumber. A bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Your guests and you can change the look of your bathroom by making it a more modern space.


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