The Advantages of State-of-the-Art Web Design

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As the 2013 holiday shopping season is now in full-force, American retailers are focusing on internet shopping more than ever. For the past several years, they are actually encouraging it. If you need any proof of that just take a look a look around and you will see and hear more hype about “Cyber Monday” deals since introduced the phrase in a November 2005 press release.

The potential of internet sales to give retailers a considerable push during the holiday season has become so crucial to their annual revenue, that many retailers are “Cyber Monday” in “Cyber Week.” This mirrors the history of “extended Black Friday” sales American retailers have been hyping for years. When you consider the fact that the total revenue generated via online retail sales surpassed $200 billion during 2012, how can we really blame them?

In January 2013, ComScore reported that online retail sales totaled $42.3 billion dollars during the 2012 Holiday season. Thus, online holiday sales accounted for over 21% of the total online retail revenue generated during 2012. However, retailers are noticing even greater marketing potential with the increasing use of social media and mobile devices. There are even “extended Cyber Monday” deals aimed at mobile device users, specifically.

Given the continued growth of online sales, custom web designers can help businesses stand out from the crowd by offering the latest in website design. For example, logo design is one of the best ways for any business to attract attention to themselves in a highly competitive marketing. Thus, gaining maximum exposure is probably the biggest of all logo design pros.

It is also crucial that every business to have mobile-friendly websites. This might seem obvious, but a lot of fairly large companies still do not have mobile-friendly sites. For small businesses, logo design pros aren’t going to matter if potential customers become frustrated with their websites.

Businesses have the opportunity to make a lot of money via the internet. In order to do that, of course, they have to know how to utilize the technological tools that are available to them. The top web designers and logo design pros can help them to do just that, especially when it comes to custom web page design.

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