The Evolution of the Data Center Directory and Cloud Computing

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Up until recently, all data created on a computer was saved either on that computer’s hard drive, or on a local network–i.e a dedicated server hosting directory. These days however, more and more data storage is taking place in the cloud. Cloud storage, or a cloud web hosting directory, is an internet-based type of networked enterprise storage in which virtual pools are used to store data hosted by third parties. These third party hosting companies engage big data centers; the data centers are either bought or leased by people or organizations requiring high capacity storage. Cloud hosting is a scalable storage enterprise, meaning that users only pay for the amount of storage they actually need.

The concept of a data center directory, which has been around for a long time, is what makes cloud computing possible. A data center directory is a massive group of computer servers that are networked. A data center directory is often utilized by an organization as a means of creating storage remotely, as well as for processing, or distributing substantial amounts of data. One such example is a shared web hosting directory, which is a good choice for smaller businesses or for an individual’s private use, the reason being that a shared web hosting director is a more affordable type of data center directory than is large scale cloud storage.

Cloud servers outshine the traditional data center directory in that they can run Linux or Windows servers within the cloud itself. Thus, resources such as CPU and memory can be scaled in an up or down fashion depending on the user’s needs. Thus, the cloud surpasses its ancestor, the original data center director model, by providing ascendable, customized collateral that can be increased or decreased whenever necessary. The flexibility of the cloud is what makes it such an attractive storage option, though there is still a place for the time-honored data center directory as it was originally conceived, especially in regards to smaller scale operations.
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