The Leading Graphic Design Firms

Graphic design

The concept behind graphic design has been around since humans were creating cave paintings 40,000 years ago; and each major civilization that emerged over the ensuing centuries put its own spin on what would become known as “graphic design.” From the Cave of Altimira to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to contemporary infographics, if the process involves the creation and arrangement of images, it falls under the broad umbrella “graphic design.”

The first mass-produced, and widely distributed, graphic design rendering, of course, occurred after Johan Gutenberg invented the printing press during the first half of the 15th century A.D. Although humans have been designing graphics for thousands of years, graphic design first became recognized as a distinct discipline during the 20th century. The term “graphic design” has been credited to William Addison Wiggins, an American calligrapher and type designer, who first used the phrase in 1922.

Today, graphic design firms provide a service that is more valuable than ever. From a business perspective, website design and web hosting are two of the most important services provided by leading graphic design firms. Obviously, now that web surfers have “seen it all” when it comes to website design, they expect every business to offer state-of-the art websites.

The leading website developers possess the expertise businesses need to provide their customers with the convenience and simplicity of cutting-edge web design. Since customers have come to expect only the best from every business website they visit, regardless of size or industry, no company can take the risk of disappointing them. By enlisting the services of one of the top graphic design firms, businesses can rest assured that they will be in the best position to win over any new customer who comes their way.

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