Things You Never Knew About Giraffes! – Best Veterinarian Review

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If you turn on Animal Planet or visit zoos you can’t ignore the beautiful animal that has the long neck. Giraffes are beloved by many and always on the highest of the list of animals that childrens love to see at Zoos. You can even feed some Giraffes in Zoos! These magnificent animals are fascinating. Giraffes aren’t surprising because they are so bizarre in appearance and physique, but there’s lots you’re unaware about the animals. In the video below, you will discover some incredible facts about giraffes.

It is obvious that a giraffe is spotted. But did you know that every giraffe has a unique spot arrangement? Every giraffe is unique in its spot pattern, similar like fingerprints vary for humans. While you might think that Giraffes require more sleep to support their necks that are long but they get only an hour of rest each evening! The heart of a giraffe weighs 25 pounds. The giraffe is ranked as the third largest of all other animals.


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