Traveling While Your Child Is in High School – Travel Packing Tips

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e school year, it’s crucial to take into consideration the school calendar of your child. With no care the schedule could be a disaster for the progress of your child’s education. Follow these tips on traveling while your child is in high school.

Check your child’s schedule before you begin planning the next trip. Perhaps you are able to schedule your trip around their holidays. This will be easier for both the student and instructor. It is recommended to schedule at least a portion of the trip on the weekend of school if you aren’t able to. You can limit your child’s absence to one or two days, instead of an entire week.

Any time your child is expected to be absent from school, make sure this is communicated in a timely manner to staff and administrators. This will ensure that everything runs without a hitch. It is also possible to request assignments in advance that the child could complete while on traveling or on holiday. This will ensure they don’t fall behind in their classes.

For more information about traveling with your child while they go to school, take an interest in the video below. Let your school know by contacting them to let them know!


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