Two Possible Reasons Jackson Hole Wyoming Real Estate Is So Hot

Jackson hole real estate company

With a tax burden that is one step above the lowest in the nation, it makes obvious sense why so many people would want to pick up Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate for themselves. This low tax burden includes business friendly elements like no corporate state income tax or inventory tax and a sales and use tax base rate of just 4 percent, with counties exercising their own options for a 2 percent tax too. For employees, there are no personal income taxes, plus lower energy and operating costs make businesses want to pick up Jackson Hole commercial real estate.

Fortunately, this Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate is plentiful, with Jackson hole luxury homes, Jackson Hole ranches for sale and Jackson Hole property for sale in general picking up the pace recently. Maybe it is because of the nearby National Elk Refuge, which sees about 90,000 elk wintering there each year as the continent’s biggest elk preserve. Or perhaps these wonderful Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate opportunities could be attributed to the auction held each year at the town’s square, the proceeds of which benefit the preserve. People gather there each year after local Boy Scouts collect antlers and put them up for auction, and it really draws quite a crowd. This Jackson hole wy real estate, however it is pitched and sold, benefits people of all backgrounds, all financial situations, and all interests, ranging from nature to paying much less for taxes than people in other states.
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