Ultimate Guide to Methadone Treatment – FNBWB

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Between the brain and the body. Within the context of pharmacotherapy, doctors that prescribe methadone recommend it as an alternative for heroin and other opioids. Anyone who has become dependent to heroin or opioids may be able to stabilize their lives through switching to the medication prescribed.

Methadone treatment is based on two goals: determining the proper dosage and managing cravings. It helps patients improve their normal living conditions after having removed themselves from illegal opioids. This treatment does not give people a high. Methadone treatment is different for each state. Medical professionals handle the prescription, administration, and use for a long time. When a person is deciding to stop taking illegal opioids, they work with their physician to decide on the ideal methadone dosage. This time frame, known as”stabilization,” is “stabilization period,” is approximately two weeks long. It is advised that patients not engage in heavy-duty driving or operating machinery throughout this time period as their bodies are adjusting to the treatment.


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