What Are Bail Bonds? – Legal Terms Dictionary

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Bail is granted or when a judge decides you not innocent. This video will clarify how emergency bail works, and how it is used.

Bail can be defined as a agreed upon amount of money which serves as a security measure between the accused and the judge who is awaiting the trial. Due to the large bail amount, many of the people who are detained don’t possess the funds to pay bail. Instead, they seek out the bail bondman or bail agent for financial help to cover their expenses.

The bail agent has to provide a surety bond service bail guarantee to expel a defendant from prison. This can happen through two different ways. The first is that a bail bond may be granted to guarantee financial security that the defendant will appear before a judge when requested and pay all fines ordered on them by the judge. A criminal bail bond can be used for civil matters that require the defendant to pay their debts, and the court costs and interest. If the person is not able to pay bail, they’ll remain in jail until the justice department decides to resolve the case. z2mojtpoaa.

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