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The moment you put your feet on the scales in the morning, you may not think about how the device measures the weight of your body. The method is based on load cells. Devices that measure pressure are known as load cells. But how do they do this? RealPars offers a video to answer the problem in a clear and easy-to-follow instruction.

A transducer is the main component of a load cells. The interesting parts have an element of mechanical that reacts to the force applied. It is then able to determine the amount of deformation or depression of the part and converts that into an electrical signal that is transmitted to a strain meter.

The intensity or strength of the signal generated from the transducer will inform the strain meter what information it needs for it to do to pass the result to a computer. The reading transforms into a number that is a measure of the amount of weight.

This has the benefit of cutting down on an outdated method that used weights to measure. A traditional method of measuring using weights was a heavy process that required huge levers, pulleys equipment and weights. Today, we have just a few pieces, which take up a lot less space than traditional scales.


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