What Are Some Basic Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems? – Home Town Colorado

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We have a wealth of know-how that you can benefit from, too. In this post, we’ll talk about a few types of fire sprinkler system which are suitable to both residential and commercial use.
First, you should know that there exist four different types of water-based fire suppression systems. The term “sprinkler system” is wet because all the pipes that supply water to the heads to the sprinkler heads may be filled with water, regardless of whether there’s a fire. Dry systems, on other hand they are filled with air until the sprinkler heads are activated. Then, water floods the pipes and is released from the sprinkler heads to suppress the fire.
It doesn’t matter which type of fire sprinkler system you decide to use, you should maintain it effectively. It’s also important to take the time to invest in inspections on a regular basis. Fire sprinkler firms can carry out this task for you. gegligm6j4.

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